May 1, 2019

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I’m honestly shocked at how quickly April went by. I know I say this every month and every year but dang!! May is about to be NUTS! I have a wedding or event every single weekend this month. I will also be in the Louisville area every weekend this month. I’m about to be doing a lot of driving and a lot of shooting. I can’t wait! Because of my packed May schedule, I’m going to be keeping my May goals a little more minimal than I did for last month. I don’t want to overwork myself and am practicing emptying my plate. If you want to read more about how I’m doing this head over to last month’s #livingyourworth blog.

So let’s get started…

May’s Goals

  • Cull, edit and write blogs for every wedding and event within 48 hours of said event.
  • Complete May’s content for KJ Business Journey
  • Write blogs for May
  • Set up social media for May
  • Work out 3 days a week


That’s it. Now I know….it seems like a lot but it’s totally doable with some patience and time management. So how will I get it done?

Here’s the Plan for Business

  • Cull, edit and write blogs for every wedding and event within 48 hours
    • This seems like a pretty daunting task and it definitely is. I leave every wedding and event with at least 2,000 photos. This is really important so that I won’t get overwhelmed with editing all at once later on down the road. Since I’ll be second shooting these wedding, I can’t post them for at least 6 months.
    • Now I hear you…Liz, if you can’t post them for 6 months, why stress yourself out with getting them done in 48 hours? This is important! Wedding day details and stories can be forgotten. By editing and writing blogs for the weddings and events within 48 hours, I can remember the details I need and schedule them out to be posted down the road. This is saving me time later on with editing and blog writing which is a good thing.
  • May’s content for KJ Business Journey!!
    • I am so excited for this. This month we’ll be learning all about Katelyn’s client experience and how she ensures that her clients get the absolute best experience through every step of working with her. This month’s content will be delivered a week late because KJ just had her sweet little baby boy so I’m getting a little extra time to settle into the month and keep working on last month’s content. If you want to see more about her family and her sweet baby boy, visit her instagram.


  • Write blogs for May
    • This is an exciting month when it comes to blogs. There are three anniversary blogs going up, 2 photographer meetups, #livingyourworth for May, Shoot and Share contest results and an educational post at the end of the month.
    • Now I know this seems like a lot for a month that’s supposed to already be so busy but if it takes me an hour to do each blog, then it’ll take me 8 hours to write all of them. If I spend 2 hours on Mondays which is blog writing day then I should be set to go.
  • Schedule social media
    • This shouldn’t be too hard. I already have what I want to post scheduled out on my google calendar. I just need to grab the photos and write out the captions which don’t take very long at all. An entire month can probably be scheduled in a little over an hour.

Here’s the Plan for Personal

There’s only one thing on the list for personal goals this month and that is going to the gym at least 3 times a week. I started PWR at Home from the Sweat app last week and am loving it!! It’s so much more fun than BBG and I don’t feel like I’m dying the whole time. Want to learn more about PWR at Home? Head here: Sweat App-What is PWR at Home

PWR at Home Weekly Goals

I’ve also made myself a promise. If I complete on one full month of PWR at Home then I’m going to buy myself a fancy new set of workout clothes. I haven’t decided which ones yet. Which workout clothes do you recommend? Leave it in the comments below.

So that’s it. Aside from trying to get as much sleep as possible and still hanging out with friends, that’s my plan for this month. I think it’s very doable. So far I’m really loving these #dear(month) posts. I think writing out my goals and then checking in mid-month is really helping to hold me accountable. It’s also helping me to not feel so overwhelmed all the time.

What are your goals for the month of May?

Your future family heirlooms await.