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April 30, 2019

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Last week I got the chance to visit a gorgeous new wedding venue in Clarksville. I met the owners, Brandi and Robby, who took the time to show me around and tell me about all the plans they have for this new space. If you’re looking for a barn venue, I highly recommend Rocking Horse Meadows.

Take a few minutes to check out the photos below and I’ll walk you through everything that they’re doing to create a stunning space for your big day.

barn wedding venue barn wedding venue and field

This fun little cottage is perfect for your wedding party to stay in for the weekend of your wedding.

overnight cottage and driveway overnight cottage and barn wedding venuebarn wedding venue and sun through cloud

Okay so this next part is probably my favorite part of the entire venue. The groom’s den and bridal suite are to die for!!

The Groom’s Den

This groom’s den shown below is dark and moody. It is the perfect place for you and your guys to relax and get ready for the day. You can also rent this space to stay the night before your wedding if you’d like. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this is. Most of the time, groom’s don’t have their own specific area to get ready and if they do, they’re not this pretty so the fact that Brandi and Robby put so much thought and attention to detail into this space is just the best! The photos don’t even do this space justice.

rustic groom's den rustic groom's den bed in rustic groom's den rustic bathroom

The Bridal Suite

Talk about stunning!! If you want a truly beautiful place to get ready with your ladies, this is the place to do it. The vanity area is perfect for getting your hair and makeup done and for putting on finishing touches. I can also see bridal portraits being taken on that gorgeous red sofa. And how fun would it be to have you and your ladies piled up on the bed for bridal party portraits before everyone is dressed!?

bed in rustic bridal suite rustic bridal suite rustic bridal suite rustic bridal suite rustic bridal suite

There are a few additions left to make for the groom’s den and bridal suite to be completely done. They are finalizing the bathrooms for each area so you’ll have a private bath with shower for the ladies and the guys which is amazing! You won’t have to sneak around so the groom doesn’t see you just to use the public restroom. I believe they also stated that each room will have a door going outside to get to the horse pastures so you can leave on separate sides of the barn and go out for formals and portraits with the horses.

The Barn Ceremony Site

This is the ceremony site for inside the barn and is also one of the places you can have your reception. A quilt stained glass window is going to be installed in that far wall. The extra light coming in through the stained glass is going to make a perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

In this photo you can also get a better idea of how everything is organized. On the left is the guys and on the right is the ladies. There will also be sheer curtains hung so that each side is hidden from the other. Such a great idea!!

indoor barn wedding venue

The Covered Outside Ceremony Site

This spot at the back of the barn is going to be a covered ceremony area with a brick floor. I think this will be so perfect for couples who want an outdoor ceremony but don’t want it to be stiffling hot with the sun beating down. The slight cover will provide some much needed shade while also giving you a stunning view of the grounds for your ceremony.

barn wedding venue barn wedding venue

The Pond Ceremony Site

I think this is going to be my favorite ceremony site. This little pond will have an area cleared out for chairs and an aisle where you can arrive by horse drawn carriage if you’d like to say your I Dos. There will be a floating dock where you will stand and profess your intentions in front of your closest friends and family. Just up from this is a gorgeous garden with stone statues for bridal portraits as well.

pond surrounded by tress

Meet the Owners

Brandi and Robby have been working tirelessly over the past couple of years to build a beautiful wedding venue for your big day. This has definitely been a labor of love as they have done all of the work themselves with the help of some friends and family.

man and woman looking at camera

Well that’s it. Rocking Horse Meadows can host their first wedding in just 3 months time. They can host about 150+ guests in their space. If you’re looking for that perfect barn wedding venue, I definitely recommend checking this new wedding venue out. The owners are so kind and are really excited about this new space which will be able to host it’s first wedding very soon. I definitely can’t wait to photograph a wedding here.

Check out their website and facebook.

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