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The most important part of what I do is telling your love story on your special day. I don’t just show up to your ceremony. I want to know the you beyond the camera so the photos I deliver are keepsakes that’ll be with you for decades. Your love story is the best inspiration for photos that last for decades.

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Katey and Randy’s Cheekwood wedding was so amazing!! Anyone who has been to Cheekwood knows how absolutely gorgeous it is there. Now let’s have a wedding there and it’s just incredible!! I assisted Matt and Courtney at this wedding and had such a great time!! I love the photos I got and loved seeing how […]


July 17, 2015

Katey and Randy’s Cheekwood Wedding!

Yep you read that right! Skeet Ulrich was at my school and I got to photograph all four of the crew members!! A few weeks ago part of the crew from the new movie “50 to 1” went on a tour to promote the movie and they stopped by Watkins for a little Q and […]


July 15, 2015

50 to 1 Q and A with Skeet Ulrich!

Ok so we’re not exactly ON the beach but we are very close! After a 7 hour drive we are in Florida! This weekend I have the amazing opportunity to second shoot a beach wedding with Matt Andrews! I am so excited for this opportunity for amazing portfolio shots. My boyfriend and I headed down […]


July 15, 2015

We’re at the BEACH!!