Top tips for Pinterest worthy getting ready photos

October 3, 2022

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Hi guys, 

Welcome to the third installment of my “Top tips for Pinterest worthy photos” series. Each blog post I’ll be giving you my top tips to have seamless and beautiful images whether they are wedding party or family photos. This week we’ll be diving into those getting ready photos! You know: the cute ones where you and your friends are dressed in PJs, sipping mimosas, and looking glamorous. But how do you get those photos? Keep reading to find out! 

1. Keep it clean 

This is a HUGE tip. To keep your getting ready photos Pinterest worthy, you need to have a clean space! The spot where you get ready can get very cluttered or messy…VERY fast. My best tip to avoid this is to have a designated area for all of the “stuff” that you and your wedding party will be bringing that is separate from your getting ready photos. 

For instance, if you are getting ready in a hotel room, pick an area back by the door to keep things so that they are out of photos! Or stash things in the closet. Heck, shove things in the bathroom if you need to! If you’re in an airbnb or a bridal suite with more than one living area, designate a room to be the spot for everyone’s personal items so that the place where you do your hair and makeup is nice and clean! 

bride in robe getting ready and holding wedding dress

2. Light and location 

My next tip is to think about the location that you’ll be getting ready in and seeing how it will look in your photos. I understand that some venues offer bridal suites or you are wanting to get ready in a location central to your ceremony! However, I suggest taking this tip into consideration when ultimately deciding where you will get ready. The location of your getting ready photos will greatly affect how those photos turn out! If you are getting ready in a dark and small hotel room, it will be hard to have a lot of room for your wedding party, things (see tip #1), and get those fun shots you want! 

If possible, select a location with more than 1 room or area to get ready in, and pick one with a lot of natural light! Large windows or multiple windows will be your best friend here! It really will make your photos stand out and have that Pinterest feel if you have plenty of natural light. 

Bride putting on wedding shoes

3. Get a little fancy 

It’s your wedding day, so of course it’s a day to get fancy! With getting ready photos, I say this is the time to get even fancier. What I mean by that, is go all out (within your budget) on the fun details like matching pajamas, mimosa glasses with your names, a velvet ring box, or even getting the Airbnb with all the amazing windows for natural light! 

Those extra fancy touches really level up your getting ready photos and make them Pinterest worthy! You don’t have to break the bank either! Etsy and Amazon have a ton of great finds that can help add some luxury to your wedding day on any budget. 

wedding rings stacked together during getting ready

There you have it! I hope you found some help in these tips and are ready for the Pinterest worthy getting ready photos! Let me know if you have any questions or what part of the day you’d like me to include in this series next! 


Your future family heirlooms await.