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April 25, 2022

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Hi guys, 

Today I want to give you my full review on the CRM that I use; Dubsado! If you are a business owner you know how important it is to have a CRM that allows you to run your business smoothly. There are a lot of popular ones out there, but I truly believe that Dubsado is the best for ANY business and I’m going to break down my reasons why. 

1. Dubsado is super customizable.

You are able to use your branding, logo, etc on everything. Most importantly, the emails that you send can be white labeled. What that means is that all emails your clients get from Dubsado will actually look like they are sent from your email. You can also customize your questionnaires, your templates, your workflow, and more! Your questionnaires are also white labeled so when they open the questionnaire it actually says your business website in the url box and not Dubsado.

2. The client portals are great.

I love that my clients are able to login to a branded portal where they can view their invoices, questionnaires, contracts, and emails from me all in one place. Again, you can white label everything that you send clients through their portal as well! 

3. Customer service is top notch.

Not only can you contact their customer service for help, you can actually pay for someone from Dubsado to completely set up your account. They can move forms over from your old CRM and allow up to 5 forms to be transferred for free. They also have free templates that you can utilize. 

4. The features make it all worth it.

Like any good CRM, you do have to pay for Dubsado but it is affordable. There are also different packages that you can select from! However, I think the cost is totally worth it! You are able to share forms with other people who use Dubsado for free. You can use Dubsado as your scheduler, your email system, and more all in one spot. Their trial is also the best one that I have ever seen! Instead of a timed trial you get a 3 client trial. Which means you get to use everything that Dubsado offers from inquiry to off boarding completely free for 3 full clients! 

5. Everything can be automated.

As an owner of 3 businesses, any time I have is precious. Which is why automation is a lifesaver, and Dubsado allows you to automate everything! Almost my entire onboarding process with new clients is automated. I make sure I’m available for a wedding and then I can trigger a workflow. Then I can send over questionnaires, emails, contracts, etc with the click of a button! I also love that clients can schedule calls with me without me having to email back and forth and I can have emails sent while I’m on vacation. 

6. It has multiple uses in multiple ways.

I use Dubsado for my photography business, Clarksville Wedding Company, and my virtual assistant business! I love that I use one login and am able to access all of my clients in one space. You can also use the system to send clients multiple subcontracts to one client. Plus you can have team members! For example, my virtual assistant clients can add me to their workspace as an admin or assign me specific tasks. That way I’m able to access their projects with my own login. It really does double time in so many aspects! 

I could go on and on about how much I love Dubsado, but I hope I summed up just a few reasons why I think you should give it a chance. With their amazing free trial* there’s no reason not to try it out! 


*I am using my affiliate link!

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