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December 13, 2021

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Hi guys, 

Welcome to the fourth installment of my wedding professional series! I am talking with wedding vendors who will make your entire engagement and wedding experience 5 stars! So far I have featured Photowalk Nashville, Relive Studio, and We Bring the Party Events. Today I am talking with Kara Hardy, the owner and spray tan artist of Beach Bronzed. 


Liz: Hi Kara! To dive right in, why should couples look into hiring a spray tan artist before their wedding day?

Kara: Hiring a spray tan artist is very important for your big day! There are so many benefits to doing this! First of all, your spray tan artist knows skin tones! We understand what solutions to use in different skin type scenarios. We match the color based on your specific needs and provide a truly custom experience that gives you the depth you want not to mention a beautiful brown glow. 

Spray tan artists also know what looks good in photos! A good rule of thumb here is to start this process BEFORE your big day! Do some trials several months before your wedding so the spray tanning artist can get the EXACT tan you want by understanding even more how your skin takes to the tan. You might decide you want more color, or less for your big day. We can get more specific the more we know your skin and your wedding desires! 

The other reason to see a professional spray tan artist is to get an even tan! It is SO hard to get your back, chest and arms with a mitt, even if you have help! Big chains usually have booths; it is a very hands off, hit or miss situation and you need perfection for your big day! Not to mention HANDS! I take special care of the hands and I have great products to make sure they are perfectly amazing for your wedding day! Those are areas that are mostly visible in a wedding dress! It is SUPER important to get it right for your big day!

Also, most big chains have contracts with ONE solution brand and not all solutions fit all skin types! A small, independent artist will have several options for them to mix the right color for you specifically. It really is a custom experience when you choose a spray tanning artist over a big chain. 


Liz: I totally agree that hiring a spray tan artist is so important! You’ll have your wedding photos forever and want to look your best! So how should someone start searching for the right spray tan artist for them?

Kara: To find a great spray tan artist, start with asking around! Word of mouth is my biggest advertisement. This is a great way to find a person who does a great job but also has delivered good results to friends you trust. Also, Google can be your best friend. Call a few places, see if you can speak to the spray tanning artist personally, and make sure you feel a good connection. After all, spray tanning can be a little scary at first for some people. It makes it a lot easier if you have a good connection with them! I personally block more time on my schedule for new clients so we can talk, I can explain everything, and help you feel comfortable and confident about your spray tanning service. 

Liz: Thank you so much Kara! How could someone get in contact with you?

Kara: I am Beach Bronzed/Custom Spraytans! I specialize in spray tanning only at the moment and I am located in Springfield, TN! I love bringing my clients a custom experience and a tan they are so proud of. It is truly magical to see how spray tans can transform a person’s confidence levels. It is my passion to help women feel amazing all around! 

I also want to offer a $5 coupon off of your first tan for anyone reading this blog post! The coupon code when booking is LizBlog5. 

My website for booking is www.beachbronzedbykara.com and I’m on Instagram @beachbronzedbykara. Please feel free to send me a DM and ask any questions you have. I am happy to answer and help you find the right artist for YOU or get you in for a visit!

Your future family heirlooms await.