How to make your wedding details Pinterest worthy

January 18, 2021

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Hi guys, 

This is a really fun blog post because I’m going to give you all my tips on making your wedding Pinterest worthy! One of the fun parts of wedding planning is pinning all of the fun photo ideas and detail shots to your wedding board right? Well we can totally get those photos for you in real life and they’ll be even better because they will be YOUR photos! With just a little extra preparation and items we can make sure you have your own Pinterest worthy wedding photos. So here are the items I would recommend having on your wedding day to take your detail photos to the next level. 

Pinterestweddingdetailphotosringbox1. A ring box

A velvet ring box in your wedding colors is one of the easiest ways that you can add a Pinterest touch to your photos! There are many different ring box options but velvet boxes are photogenic and they come in almost every color imaginable. Order one in your wedding colors so that it ties together in your detail shots!

2. Extra flowers

Another easy item to have for your detail photos is a touch of flowers and greenery pieces. Ask your florist in advance for a few extra flowers that can be delivered the morning of your wedding for photos. I’ll be able to use these in detail shots and it will make them look extra romantic!

3. An invitation suite

If you sent out save the dates or wedding invitations, you should definitely bring a set for me to photograph with your details. It’s a way to make your photos feel classy and timeless. There are so many amazing shots on Pinterest of all the details with the invitation suite so this is a classic shot to get! 

Pinterest-wedding-photo-bride-hanger-wedding-dress4. Matching hangers

You have probably seen the customized hangers for the wedding dress which I love! I would suggest getting a white or wooden hanger that you can either customize or leave plain for your wedding dress to hang on. This will really help to make photos of your dress pop.

However, people don’t always think to have matching hangers for the bridesmaid dresses as well. While you don’t have to get fancy or expensive matching hangers, I would definitely recommend bringing white plastic hangers for the bridesmaid dresses to hang on! This way they won’t be on mismatched clear plastic or wire hangers. Having these hangers is going to make your dress detail photos so much more clean!

5. Fun extras

If you want to get a little extra with your detail shots and make them even more Pinterest worthy, consider gathering some fun “extras” to have in your detail photos! This could be something like a vintage gold mirror or hair comb, old stamps, or even velvet ribbon that matches your flowers. These are not necessary but if you have cool items in your house or your family has some special heirlooms, these would be easy items to bring on your wedding day that I can include in your detail shots! 


Your future family heirlooms await.