Jack’s Pumpkin Glow Halloween 2019 – Nashville, TN

November 7, 2019

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The best thing to do for Halloween!

If you missed Jack’s Pumpkin Glow this year then you definitely missed out! This is the first year I’ve ever been and it was so cool! As many people know I LOVE Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday all year long. I love watching Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Goosebumps, etc. Although I love Halloween, I hate being scared though so I don’t like scary movies or going to Haunted Houses. I don’t like nightmares so I typically avoid those lol.

Located at Andrew Jackson’s The Hermitage, this display is definitely something to see! Carved pumpkin displays depict scenes of graveyards, oceans, dinosaurs, carnivals and much much more. We spent so much time walking through and admiring the display.

Don’t forget to put Jack’s Pumpkin Glow on your calendar for next year but ’til then, check out the photos from our experience below!

jack's pumpkin glow pumpkin carvings unicorn carved into a pumpkin flower and ladybug carved into pumpkins jack's pumpkin glow nashville tn winter themed carved pumpkins

These next few images are some of my favorites. I mean the one below for sure. Look how cool! My normal editing style is usually not this dark but you can’t make Halloween look bright and airy. It just doesn’t work. I knew as soon as I took this one that I had to make everything but the face super dark so that it looked extra creepy.

The Halloween Graveyard

Can we talk about this image below!? I mean yes!!!! I definitely took this photo a couple of times to get it just right. They had fog rolling over the carvings and I wanted to catch the light coming through the fog just right to really make it extra creepy. I love how I caught the light on the tree and how it doesn’t even really look like a tree. And of course, the carvings look so cool scattered across the ground. Gosh I had so much fun this night!

love carved pumpkins funny things are everywhere carved pumpkins halloween pumpkin carvings halloween ferris wheel carved halloween pumpkins halloween pumpkins

Glow Nashville

Even better…they have a Christmas display as well. If you love Christmas lights, like I do, definitely check out Glow Nashville this month. They’ll have over 4 million Christmas lights.

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