Uldrich-One Year Anniversary

It’s been a whole year since Brandon and Kelly said I do. How is that even possible!! I am so thankful that I got to photograph their big day in downtown Nashville. Fun fact, I actually had my college graduation ceremony at the church. It was so great to go back and to photograph a wedding there! The Downtown Presbyterian Church has so much history has an Egyptian revival church and is absolutely gorgeous in the sanctuary. I took some time to ask Kelly about their first year of marriage and wanted to include some things that she said.

Brandon and Kelly spent a good portion of their first year of marriage traveling for Brandon’s work. Their biggest struggle this year is deciding where to settle down. With all of the traveling, they have obviously spent time in many different places. Their travels have been fun according to Kelly but have left them confused as to where to settle down.

On the flip side, Kelly said the biggest blessing of their first year of marriage has been always having a teammate to count on. Someone to share the trials and tribulations life may bring, and someone to also enjoy the thrilling and joyful parts as well.

Now you know I had to get them reminiscing about their big day. What was their favorite part? Kelly said: “The whole day was so memorable to us both, it’s hard to pick just one moment. I will say, one of my favorite moments was right after the ceremony when Liz took Brandon and I aside to take some more photos of just us. That alone time right before the reception brought us so much joy; it gave us time to really reflect on our special day alone, just the two of us.”

Post ceremony photos are some of my favorite photos. This time really gives you a moment with your loved one to take in the day. Your wedding day is a whirlwind and whether you take time for a first look, post ceremony portraits, or both; the time just the two of you is always so special.

So what’s up soonly weds? I know it’s such a crazy time getting ready for your big day. Lots of decisions to make. So from one couple to another, Kelly gives her best advice here. “For the younger couples, take your time when it comes to starting a family, and just enjoy each other. You’ll hear a lot of, “so when are the grandbabies coming?” or, “have you thought about babies yet?” It’s okay to be a little selfish and just enjoy your one on one time with your spouse for a while.”

How amazing is that advice!? After the wedding, or even before, the questions will always come about starting a family. Don’t afraid to really enjoy married life. There is no rule saying you have to start a family immediately. It’s okay to travel, or not. It’s okay to enjoy your spouse and the time you have together. Are you planning your wedding right now? What is your biggest struggle? What are you looking forward to the most? Leave it below and I’ll be sure to reply with helpful tips.

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