Baby Milestones

April 5, 2018

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So you have a new baby….congratulations!! You’ve gotten your maternity session done and you looked gorgeous! Now you want to make sure that you remember those tiny little features of your new child and that’s where baby milestones come in.

Newborn Session


It is best to do newborn sessions 7-10 after birth. This is the best time to ensure you get the perfect squishy baby poses everyone loves for their newborn photos. The first week of your baby’s life is bound to be exhausting but is the perfect time to have your baby photographed. I strongly encourage that you bring your baby in before 2 weeks of age and even before 1 week is even better! Naked newborns that are just a few days old are the perfect age to be posed into the cute squishy photos you love and want. During this time I will capture all those tiny details like tiny toes and wrinkles that you might not have noticed during this tiring time. Your baby changes so fast and I want to capture those perfect moments for you to remember for years to come. Your baby’s session time is perfect for you to relax. My assistant and I take over photographing your child so that you can enjoy some relaxation and a little sleep prior to your baby and parent photos. 

The 3 Month Session

So now you’ve had your newborn session, what’s the next step? You want to remember each change of your baby so you don’t miss anything. The next time to get your baby photographed is at about 3 months old. This is the time that your baby begins smiling and laughing. They know who you are and they will love to interact with you. Sometimes your baby will be able to have tummy time. I love to pose your baby on a Boppy or pillow so that they can occasionally hold their head up and flash a smile for a few short seconds. 

The 6 Month Session

At about 6 months old your baby has another milestone. At this age your child will be grabbing for toys, laughing, and even sitting up. This is a really fun age to photograph. At this point your baby is crawling and will be a joy to photograph as they crawl around. I love to photograph your child exploring the space around them and will not use many props during this session. Your child’s personality will shine through during this time and is great to photograph. 

The 9 to 10 Month Session

A lot less changes  from your child’s 6 and 9 month session. At this time we will wait for your baby to begin walking. I always tell my clients to wait until something is different. We’ve photographed your little one crawling and the next milestone is walking whenever that may happen for your child. 

The One Year Session

Now this is a milestone! Your child is a year old! Congratulations! Your baby is crawling, standing with help or even walking. She/he even has teeth! This is my favorite milestone to photograph as your child has such a fantastic personality. If your child isn’t walking yet don’t fear, I still suggest getting the photos done at a year. You could even wait a couple week after their birthday if you think they’ll be walking by then. Celebrating your baby’s first year is a big deal and is for the whole family, mom, dad, baby and even siblings if there are any. This is the perfect time to capture another important moment in not only your baby’s life but also yours. Enjoy it and let me capture the magic!

1+ Session

Your baby is older than a year, now what? You can definitely still get photos after a year and I highly suggest it. Your child will change so much over their life and you want to remember every minute of it. Make sure to contact me to schedule your baby and family session and don’t forget to schedule your Grow With Me package as soon as possible.


Your future family heirlooms await.