What to Expect During Your Session – Baby/Child

Grow With Me is a multi-session, baby plan photography package that is perfect for parents who want to follow their baby’s milestones throughout the first year of life.

With this package, you get a 1 hour maternity session. You will also receive a 3 hour newborn in home session after your baby’s birth. For your other baby milestone sessions, you will get a 1 hour session of your baby at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. At the 12 month milestone, you will have a regular baby and family session. You also have the option to add a “cake smash” session for an additional cost.

What to expect . . .

  • a custom boutique experience

  • beautiful quality

  • customer service

  • legacy products

  • emotional and timeless images

Let me walk you through your experience with me . . .

Pre-Session ConsultationPrior to your maternity session, we will discuss a vision for your images.  We will chat about your family, their personalities, what you adore about them (this is my favorite part), locations and how you will display your images.

Maternity session- It is best to do your maternity session between 32-37 weeks pregnant for the best round belly photos. These are photographed outside as I personally love natural light and all the beauty it can bring to an image. We will spend an hour relishing in the excitement of your new child and the love you have your spouse as your start this new journey of life together. You can expect 20-30 images from this session.

Newborn session- It is best to newborn sessions 7-10 days after birth. This is the best time as it ensures you get the perfect squishy baby poses everyone loves. Your baby is still very sleepy and is easy to pose and photograph during this time. After 2 weeks of life, babies become more aware of their surroundings and while they still sleep a lot, they won’t sleep as much and are much harder to pose into those cute, naked, squishy baby poses you’ll want for your newborn photos. I will capture all the tiny details of your baby. Little toes, nose, eyelashes and fingers. All those details of your baby that you love so much but change so fast. Your baby’s newborn session is your time to relax. You’re hardworking parents. Let me and my assistant take over photographing your baby and you can enjoy some much needed alone time and rest. We might pull you and your significant other in towards to end or any siblings your new baby has for family photos if you’re interested in those photos.

3 Months- So now your baby is 3 months old. It goes by so fast. 3 months is the next milestone you’ll want to get photographed. This is the time that your baby starts to laugh and smile. They know who you are and will love playing and and giggling for you. Sometimes, your baby will be able to do tummy time and we can pose them on a Boppy so that when they try to raise they’re head, we can get a flash of a smile for a quick second. You’ll want to remember those adorable baby smiles and that’s why 3 months is a great age to photograph those first signs of exploration of the world as your baby becomes more aware of their surroundings.

6 Months- 6 months is when your baby will begin to play. They might be grabbing for toys, laughing or even sitting up at this point. This is a super fun age as your baby might be crawling and exploring. I love following crawling babies around as they explore the world around them. We won’t use many props for this session, just a blanket and let them do what they want so we can begin to photograph their personality.

9 Months- Your baby is beginning to change less and less. Between the 6 and 9 month session, not much changes with your baby. At this point, you’ll want to wait for your next milestone is walking. We’ll want to try and wait for your baby to walk if at all possible so that we can photograph such an important milestone. This might take a while for your baby as each one is different but we’ll be in contact about your baby’s growth and can plan the 9 month session accordingly.

1 year- Your baby is officially a year old! This is such an important milestone. Congratulations! Your baby is crawling, standing with help or walking. They have teeth and are exploring the entire world around them. Your baby has a personality that is all their own and this is why, 1 year sessions are my favorite to photograph! If your baby isn’t walking yet, that’s okay!! I still suggest getting birthday photos done anyways as they are so important to remember your child’s growth. We’ll do more family photos in this session. If your new baby has siblings, we’ll photograph them playing together and capture that sweet sibling love and bond. These sessions are always so much fun! Be sure you have a special birthday outfit and if you chose to do a cake smash session, I always such a bath session right after. Your 1 year session will begin with family photos and then morph into birthday photos in your child’s birthday outfit. Then if you chose a cake smash, we will do that last and roll into a bath session for clean up afterwards. Don’t worry, I always photograph bath sessions very tastefully. No bits are shown! Take the time to really enjoy this session. Your little newborn is now a year old!

Your Legacy Viewing Experience- Get ready to be wowed! Your legacy viewing experience is such an exciting time. You will laugh, your will cry and I guarantee you will fall in love with so many of the photos we have captured together. I custom design your Grow with Me album and design wall displays for child’s room. We will have a viewing experience after every session and begin picking photos and products after each one so that it’s not so overwhelming at the end. You will receive 20-30 photos from each of your sessions and that can get overwhelming to look at all at once. I will come to your home, bring wine or non-alcoholic bubbly to your viewing experience and we celebrate your life and your images. Once everything is selected, I say goodbye for now and head home to order your products.

Your Art- Once your entire order arrives, it is quality checked and packaged. Every piece of art must be the absolute best. That is why, I spend so much time looking for labs and why I quality check every single piece of art before it leaves my doors. Once it is ready to be delivered, I schedule a delivery time and install your wall galleries. Yes! I install your wall galleries for you. You have the frames, I have the goods and you do none of the work. Sit back and relax as I add memories to the vault of your home. Photography sessions should be fun and I believe that part of the fun is not having to install your artwork. 

What now?? Your baby is a year old and your Grow with Me package is over. Our journey does not end there. I will check in with you, celebrate milestones with your family. Birthdays, anniversaries, all will be celebrated. My clients are like family and I love showering them with unexpected appreciation and love. I will also be sure to reach out near your child’s next birthday to see if you’d like to update your family photos and add more memories to the vault of your home. We will continue to grow together in life, love and photography. 

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