What to Expect During Your Session – Maternity

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! This is such a fast changing and exciting time in your life. You are growing a child! Go You! I know that it’s not always the most comfortable and that you don’t always feel amazing but not to worry. That is where I come in. Your maternity session is a time for you to relax and enjoy that beautiful baby bump and the love that you and your spouse have for your child.

The best time to schedule  your session is around 28-34 weeks when your baby belly will be nice and round. It is best to schedule it at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can talk and plan your session to showcase you and your new baby however, I would love to chat with you no matter when you plan to book your session. I do have a few dresses and wraps in my studio stash but also love it when parents choose clothing from their own wardrobe as it is most comfortable and natural to you. I believe that your photographs should showcase you and the love you have for you growing child. All photos are created in good taste, and nudity is always optional. I want you to feel comfortable so if nudity or partial nudity is not your thing that’s okay. Makeup and hairstyling are available for an additional charge so please reach out to me. I love to pamper my moms before their session. I have an excellent hair and makeup artist that is wonderful with my clients.

The biggest question I always get asked is specifically what should I bring to my session.

Upon scheduling a session, we will begin the planning process. Each session is tailored to you and we can discuss various locations that represent you as a couple and the child that is growing inside you. We can also discuss props if you’d like to do a gender reveal along with your session. Some great items to bring include jewelry, ultrasound photos, hats, scarfs, boy shorts in a neutral color, a strapless bra in a neutral color and even cute shoes. Many times clients will choose to go barefoot, but you can certainly bring footwear choices if you’d like.  For clothing, I always suggest long dresses that are really flowy. They’ll catch an wind nicely and show off that gorgeous belly of your perfectly. For more information on what to wear and style tips, check out the Style Guide for Women Blog Post.

For Men I suggest solid and simple clothing. You’ll want to be very comfortable as well. If you have other children who will be included they should be in coordinating but not matching clothing. Little boys should be similar to Dad and both are welcome to bring light and dark shirts. Light patterns or textures are ok. And lastly, for little girls the options are plenty. Flowy dresses are always adorable in a coordinating or neutral color. We want to create classic simple photos of your growing family. For more ideas check out the Style Guide for Men and the Style Guide for Families.

Next up we have to think about where you’re going to actually have your session. 

I typically photograph maternity sessions on location with gorgeous natural sunlight. If you’re interested in more artistic, tasteful nude maternity photos we can schedule your session to take place in your home.

I most often will photograph your session in a park, but I do have some other locations in mind if that’s not your style. We can discuss if you’re interested in a more natural or modern or industrial setting. We will usually try to choose a place that will give us multiple options for backgrounds during your session and that will provide us with some beautiful backdrops. If you have suggestions about locations, please tell me. I’d love to incorporate a sentimental location into your session if possible. 

Some clients want photos done at their home, and that is perfectly fine. I specialize in natural light photography but do use flash when applicable. If you’re interested in artistic or more lifestyle maternity photos we can schedule your session to take place in your home.

Your session will usually last about an hour and will be a mixture of posed and lifestyle photographs. This can vary depending on what we discuss during your planning meeting. I will ask you and your love to snuggle with each other and with your growing child. The more you laugh and have fun, the more natural and classic your images will be. Maternity sessions are also typically schedule the last hour to hour and a half before sunset. This is the most warm and beautiful light. It will really make your pregnant radiance glow and add some gorgeous tones to your classic images.

Photo sessions are kept fun and light. We’ll talk about your plans for your little one, your nursery set up and style and even talk about how excited you are for your little one. Getting you excited for the arrival of your child will make your photos seem that much more natural and emotional when you look back at them weeks, months or even years later.

Don’t forget that I also offer Grow with Me packages that take place over the first year of your baby’s life and showcase how quickly they change. You can schedule just a maternity session or schedule a full Grow with Me package if you are interested. I always ask my clients to remember that I am there to photograph your memories and to help immortalize this exciting and new change in your lives as a couple. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love chatting with my legacies and helping them to feel beautiful during every moment of our time together. Are you ready to schedule your maternity session?

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