Style Guide-How to Dress for Your Session-Family

March 10, 2016

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How should I dress my family? This is a very popular question whenever I book a family session. The trick is to not be too matchy matchy. Coordination is the key!


Just do it! Procrastination is your worst enemy. You don’t want to be freaking out a few days or even the day before your session trying to figure out what to wear. The first thing is to shop for your entire family in one store. It’s exponentially harder to make clothing decisions when you’re constantly having to bring something you bought from a different store to the store you’re currently in. It’s much easier to pick up pieces in one section and bring it to a different section to make sure it looks good together. Now that you’re in the store of your choice let’s move on to step two.


Now don’t freak out, you don’t have to wear a plaid or patterned dress or shirt if it’s not your style. Remember following your own personal style is the most important thing. You want to feel comfortable while also looking your best. The shirt or dress is to help pick out colors that compliment each other. Remember complimentary colors are important not the same colors. If you already know what colors you’d like to use then you can skip this step and first pick out your outfit mom. Getting your outfit out of the way will make it much easier to pick out everyone else’s since women are the hardest to dress (I’m totally guilty of taking forever to get ready). Feel free to mix it up with each outfit. You don’t need to do all solid colors. Patterns are great as long as they aren’t too distracting. Always remember to never wear graphic shirts and try to stay away from anything with a logo that is too big.

By shopping in the same store you are saving yourself the hassle of trying to remember exactly what shade of red that shirt you bought your son was, or exactly what pattern was that dress you bought your daughter at that other store? By shopping at one time you can get it all out of the way and you can carry items around with you to make sure they look great together.

Now for a little dos and don’ts

DO shop in the same store

DO start by choosing a great color palette

DO match each item based on the predetermined color palette or plaid shirt

DO be yourself and dress for yours and your family’s style

DON’T be afraid to mix it up. Do some patterns with some solids and make it unique to you and your family

DON’T be afraid to start all over if you end up not liking it

Also don’t be afraid to send me pics of what you’re looking at and get suggestions. I love helping clients choose what to wear!

Your future family heirlooms await.