Back to School. My Final Semester at Watkins!

July 21, 2015

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I can’t believe it’s almost over!! I just started my last semester as a college student at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film. Please excuse me while I go freak out for a minute. (Balls up and rocks in a corner) Alright minor freak out done. It has been such an amazing five years here. I have learned so much from being here and have made so many amazing friends and connections. This semester I will really be hitting a lot of things hard. I will be finishing my senior thesis and getting ready for my show. Ah! I am so excited and nervous for my show! I will also be looking for an apartment and a full time job. I will of course be continuing my photography business but am getting a job to support myself until I can fully support myself on my photography. Things are definitely going to be crazy! Between juggling work, senior thesis, RA duties, my business, classes, homework, searching for a job and apartment and a long distance relationship I will be busier than I’ve probably ever been but I can’t wait to see what happens!! It’s really scary to know that my college career is over and that I am about to officially become an adult but I could not be more excited to see what this semester brings me. I don’t really have any photos to show you guys right now but I did just get new head shots done and an official seal designed for my business so I’ll leave you guys with those. Huge thank you to Meghan of Meghan Daughdrill Photography for being the best friend ever and taking my photos and to Sara Schork for being an amazing designer and friend and designing my new seal! Hope you guys like  them and please keep checking back for more exciting blogs as this semester continues!! Wish me luck I’m going to need it 🙂

Your future family heirlooms await.